Friday, April 30, 2010

Venetian Blinds for French Doors

What type of door that you set on your home? As we know there are some types of doors available today. And the most well known one is French Doors. French Door is door that designed almost glass on it and just wood which be its frame. Because of French Door has almost glass, we need to set blinds for French Doors to cover the glass. In the same manner as type of doors, there are also lots of blind types.

Venetian Blind is a type of blinds for French Doors. Venetian blinds makour French Doors looks neat and minimalist fit while it covered the glass area of our door. This Venetian blind also easy to use, we can control this blinds via a central tilt control mounted at the top of the door. If we want to raise or lower the blinds, we just need to lift the bottom bar to desired position. It is so easy and simple, isn’t it?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why We Need Blinds for our French Doors?

blinds for french dorrs

French door is one of the most favorite door styles today. Why French door become so popular? Because it has unique style with two doors joined together. French doors are usually made by large glass that surface almost of the doors with wooden frames around it. Therefore we need blinds for French doors else. In order to cover the large glass, blinds are needed for French doors.

There are two types of French doors based on how we open it. One type is sliding door and one again is like usual door when we just rest upon the hinges to open or close it. If we looked at history, French doors were used in African and Caribbean countries by France. French doors are also compatible in moderate climates where the sunlight is at premium.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds For French Doors

As we know, it is important to set up blinds for doors on our lovely home. Blinds is important to block the hot light way go inside our home. Moreover, if we use the beautiful and unique French doors, it is a must to set up blinds for doors. French doors is fully mirror door style. So, we have to put blinds for French doors in order to cover the French doors at night or when we leave our lovely home.

Blinds for doors are available on many variety of types. We can choose the most beautiful one to cover our French doors. One of the doors blinds is Faux Wood blinds. The Faux Wood blinds is well known as a cheaper wooden blinds for doors. Because of that, some of people use this type of door blinds to cover our French doors.